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Smudge It Kit!

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Our Smudge It Kit is the perfect combination to dispel negativity and add positive vibrations to your life. This kit offers a little bit of it all. Keeping your positive vibrations high requires consistency. Sometimes we need to protect our peace, show and acquire more love and meditate for prosperity and growth. 

Let us make it easy for you! 

All five wands are included in this kit PEACE & PROTECTION, PROSPERITY, WINTER SOLSTICE, LOVE, and BLESSINGS!


Directions: Open all windows and internal doors before lighting. Light smudge. Blow out and began walking around your entire space and allow your space to be filled with this smoke. It is the smoke from the smudge that provides cleansing and purification. Afterward, return everything as it was before and repeat as you deem necessary.


Disclaimer: These are natural herb and is used as incense. Therefore, it needs to be treated as such. Please take the necessary precautions to make sure you have extinguished the smudge completely.