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Our Story


We are more than just another skincare brand; I embody a commitment to intertwining skincare and wellness with clarity and integrity in every product I offer. My brand signifies a pathway to reconstructing a bridge back to a healthy balance within my community, where numerous individuals grapple with mental and physical health concerns. Drawing on my background in research and investigations, I have fused my expertise with holistic knowledge of essential oils.

In a world where the options for trustworthy self-care outside our homes are limited, I recognize that the journey towards well-being transcends the products we use. It encompasses a harmonious blend of skincare, nutrition, mental health, and overall self-care.

"I Promise Commitment"

I pledge to provide only meticulously sourced, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients, adhering to our "Simple.Natural.Effective" philosophy. This commitment ensures that my brand remains honest, transparent, and builds a foundation of trust.

In the current landscape, I believe it is opportune to focus on positive growth and introduce healthy habits safely. I bring forth vibrant sensations, intimate connections with your skin, and genuine, heartfelt experiences – everything you need to rebuild relationships with yourself and others.

As the visionary behind the brand, I am here to be the trusted guide in helping you find your healthy balance. Allow me to formally introduce myself.

I am Organix by Tay!

*We do not perform nor test any of our products on animals and all our products are made in a clean and sterile environment free from pets and smoking.