About Us

Organix by Tay curates plant-based, organic,  health, wellness and skincare product line. 

We are not just a brand of research, information, and understanding. For us, it's a long term commitment to your overall health and wellness. We chose to offer our brand to the community because so many of us are battling mental and physical health concerns. After years of watching my husband try doctor after doctor to help remedy his anxiety and depression-- Only to be left with more pharmaceuticals than he began with. It was this moment, I decided to combine my past career of research and investigations with my new found knowledge of essentials oils. We began to create natural products that would over time aid him with his health issues without the medications. Understanding this life long journey is more than just what products you use. It's a combination of products, food, mental health and your overall self-care and wellness. 

We are very intentional and selective about the products and services we offer to our customers. The seriousness and complexity of different aliments have propelled us to exclusively offer handcrafted, all natural skincare, health and wellness products; specializing in body scrubs, soaps, body oils, facial toners, soaks, smudges, shower steamers and soaks. We strive to offer only products that will provide nourishment and safe ingredients without additives, preservatives, parabens, or skin irritants. Our mission has and will always be for you to nourish your health, beauty and wellness naturally with "Organix by Tay".

We do not perform nor test any of our products on animals and all our products are made in a clean and sterile environment free from pets and smoking.


Let us know how we can be a staple in your health, beauty and wellness journey!